The Beautiful Church in the Grove

    Altars and the Communion rail are done in Italian Marble. The
    communion rail was installed in 1924.  The 40 arches of the
    railing represents Christ's 40 days of fasting. The altar was
    imported from the Province of Carrara, Italy.  The base of the
    altar contains a carving of DaVinci's Last Supper.

    Each side altar forms a pedestal for the statues; one, the
    Mother of Grace, the other, Saint Joseph with the Child Jesus.
    These two pieces of marble are the work of Julio Pasquini, an
    eminent sculptor of Pietrasanta.

    Historical Artwork of Holy Family

    Painting of the Holy Family in the dome above the altar.

    Plaques of the 12 Apostles encompass the interior
    of the church.

    Stations of the Cross - Each scene is painted on steel and a
    vegetable-based paint was used.

Our New Processional Cross
    The processional cross that we have in our
    possession is a modern interpretation by the
    Conrad Moroder Art Studio of a cross from the
    13th century, painted by Benciviene di Pepo, also
    called CIMABUE.  He was an Italian painter and
    mosaicist, whose nickname means "bull-headed."  
    His work was influenced by Byzantine paintings
    and continued to influence artists one hundred
    years after his deather.  The original painting,
    named "Crucifix" is located at Santa Croce in
    Florence, and, about 70% of it was destroyed in the
    floods of 1966.  In it the author depicted a suffering
    Christ whose eyes are closed and His bruised Body
    is twisted, falling away from the rectangular cross
    in an agonizing curve.  We invite you to study the
    intricate workmanship before or after Mass.
The Sounds of Holy Family

On June 10, 1962, three new bronze bells, electronically
operated were blessed by Bishop Stephen Woznicki and
placed in the bell tower.

Hear the sounds of Holy Family's bells

    The pipe organ was a gift to the church from
    A.T. Ferrel. A contract for installation was
    signed in July of 1929. This organ contains
    about 2,500 pipes.

    Beautiful Surroundings

    The Pieta, by Michelangelo, is located on the south-side of
    the church.  It is the fifth one of 12 reproductions cast from
    a mold duplicating the original inside Saint Peter Church in
    Vatican City. In 1983, The Pieta was dedicated as part of
    this church's 90th anniversary celebration.
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